The Janet and Mac Gallery - situated in the Cafeteria

janet-and-mac-gallery Founders Janet and Mac by William Crosbie

The Janet and Mac Gallery was officially opened by Richard Demarco, CBE, in 2008 in honour of the visionary founders of Henderson's. The couple, whose portraits by the noted Scottish artist William Crosbie can be seen at the entrance to the Gallery, were truly ahead of their time when in 1962 Janet opened first a farm shop, and then the restaurant which is synonymous the world over with Scottish vegetarian cuisine. In all this she was ably supported by farmer husband Mac who, by the time he died early in 2009 at the age of 101 had become the oldest international in the history of Rugby Union.

Mac and Demarco Mac and Demarco

The couple were also enthusiastic supporters of the arts - the clearest indication of this being the much-praised mural they commissioned from artist Ken Wolverton which adorns Henderson's Wine Bar - and so an art gallery seemed an entirely fitting tribute. In addition Henderson's has always been extremely popular with artists, writers, actors and musicians, something that continues to this day. You never quite know who you might see in Henderson's, but whoever it is you can be sure the Gallery with its seasonal exhibitions will provide a congenial backdrop.

Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about the fascinating lives of Janet and Mac Henderson, their biographies can be found here.