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Cooking is fun, but I always have a huge mess of pots and pans to look forward to after I am finished with dinner. The one-pot cooking phenomenon used to pose a problem for vegans everywhere because of the lack of recipes. Now there are vegan one-pot recipes everywhere, so vegans can finally rejoice and bring out their inner lazy cook.

If you’re anything like me, the lazy cook in you comes and goes. However when it comes, it’s like a screaming banshee banging on the walls, trying to get out and make your life that much easier.

Vegan recipes can get pretty drab and boring when it comes to one-pot meals. There are only so many nights a week you can eat tomato soup, right? When it comes to the right recipes and the right ingredients, nailing a flavorful dish vegan-style isn’t the easiest task. This roundup of vegan one-pot meals proves that the lazy cook in vegans everywhere doesn’t have to be denied. Shove a bunch of ingredients in one pot, and you’ll be able to enjoy dinner in peace, without a sink full of dishes to conquer at the end of the night. Get your comfort meal on with these delicious home-cooked one-pot wonders that’ll lift all the stress of the day right off your shoulders.

1. One-Pot Thai Peanut Pasta


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Thursday 15th of September 2016