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Hendersons is launching a vegan movie night series where we showcase some of the most iconic pop culture milestones of cinematic history and provide you with a full vegan movie theatre menu.

Menu :)
- vegan organic pop corn
- vegan milkshakes
- vegan pizza
- vegan hot dog
- vegan hot chocolate with marshmallows
- vegan donuts

At our first event we showcase the iconic movie: Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump needs no introduction. In 1994, Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future) created a wonderful and heartwarming, instant classic. A wonderful story about taking your chances without thinking, following your heart and ignoring your surroundings. Reminds us that magic is real and takes us on an exciting and breathtaking journey.

IMDB: 8.8 | IMDB 250: #13 | Metascore: 82 | Rotten tomatoes: 72

Unfortunately this event is now SOLD OUT, but our next screening with Amelie still has some seats left.

Reserve your ticket for Amelie here!

Amelie, is an all time favourite without a doubt, a story of an innocent and naive girl in Paris with her own sense of justice. She decides to help those around her and, along the way, discovers love.

IMDB: 8.4 | IMDB 250: #77 | Metascore: 69 | Rotten tomatoes: 89
Motion picture rating: Rated R for sexual content

Hendersons welcomes you and your friends to this chilled and cozy Sunday event. Take a seat on our couches and armchairs and let our staff take care of you.

Seats are limited so please make sure to pre book!

Please arrive early to get the best seats!

Hope to see you around!

Friday 23rd of September 2016